Looking For 12x16 Storage Shed Plans?

Look No Further...

Here's how to download hundreds of high quality shed plans and other woodworking plans

As part of a new series: "DIY" we examine consumer tips for wood working



As part of an on going series, we are looking into claims of whether you can actually build your own shed in record time like they cliam HERE.

This site claims you can literally build a 12x16 storage shed or any other shed for that matter in just minutes with the right kind of guidance. We were skeptical too so we checked out the site and bought the product.

At a glance, here is what you get: 207 Shed Plans And Also 14,000 Woodworking Plans Plus More Free Woodworking Blueprints, Projects & Schematics.

207 different shed plans seems like a lot. That's pretty great. Alot of these so called "free" sites that provide plans give you some outdated schematic to help you "start" to build a shed or two but that's really about it.

What I really like about this site and what I think is different, is they make it brain dead simple. It's completely suited for beginners all the way to advanced wood workers.

His plans are literally designed for anyone to get the job done very quickly, effeciently and in a professional manner, without spending a fortune.

The cool thing is, they don't try to hide anything. The owner of the site even puts his own address right on his site, because he stands behind the quality of his work.

So can you really build a shed in just 10 minutes? You be the judge. They posted a video on Youtube to prove it. I have to say I'm very impressed with this Woodworking4Home



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